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Through the Trees by Riverfox4120 Through the Trees :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 4 0 The Forest's Crown by Riverfox4120 The Forest's Crown :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 1 0 Mist by Riverfox4120 Mist :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 1 0 The View From Up High by Riverfox4120 The View From Up High :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 2 0 Kananaskis by Riverfox4120 Kananaskis :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 1 0 Kirito by Riverfox4120 Kirito :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 4 0
Chapter Eight - Camp Claw
            That night, as soon as Luke and Sarah had walked back to camp, Luke built a moss bed beside Sarah's. When night fell, all seemed at peace in the camp. Everyone had quietly been mewing to each other, telling stories about their own adventures in the wilderness, and people were more than happy to eat what the foragers had prepared. The camp was looking much more like a camp than it did when they had first found the island, and in the three days they'd been feline it had improved impressively. There were now beds for everyone, lined with feathers, and a few cats had even constructed a little cave filled with various medicines. Thanks to Rosa's ironic knowledge of herbs, they were prepared in case anything happened out in the woods. It struck Sarah as odd that the fox was the only hostile creature out there, and she couldn't stop thinking about her own human body back at the cab
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Chapter Seven - Camp Claw
            Sarah opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out. It was her human self, lying peacefully on that bed, and she couldn't believe it. Her legs were shaking so hard she came close to falling off the bed, but she caught herself. She peeked over at the bunk beside hers, but couldn't tell whether or not someone was sleeping there. Someone like Rosa. Sarah leaped gracefully onto the bed, pulled away from the covers, and braced herself to see her friend's eyes shut tight, but nobody was there. Above her, Lucy's body was gone too. It was just Sarah in this room. Just Sarah's old self.
     "Sarah, you'd better come see this!!" She heard Nicholas' yowl and she dragged herself away from room 203 down the stairs. Edward, Nicholas, Jack and Emily were all sitting attentively in front of the motionless man. Sarah jumped onto the table and asked Nichola
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Chapter Six - Camp Claw
            In the morning, Sarah awoke to find that Emily was no longer beside her. Sarah was never able to get up early, but it seemed as if everyone else had. The camp was relatively empty. She spotted a few foragers coming in with food. Pulling herself off the ground and shaking off the dry bits of moss in her fur, Sarah trotted over to the food-pile and picked out a rabbit, then headed back to her moss-bed to contemplate. The camp was looking very good; there were moss-beds like hers all around the island underneath trees and in small caves. For a small class of kids, they had done surprisingly well in the wilderness. But Sarah’s mind was still clouded with doubts. She was worried about Jack and wondered where he’d gone, she was curious about what Emily was talking about that night, and most of all, she couldn’t shake off the vision she’d had. What was
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Chapter Five - Camp Claw
            The snow-cat led Sarah, Lucy, and a few others through a series of oak trees deep in the woods. He pushed  his way past a tangle of brambles, and from the other side he called "Here it is!" The camp featured an island in the center of a sparkling lake, surrounded by trees and field. Where Sarah had stepped out from the brambles were trees that seemed to be bursting with life. The snow-cat led Sarah and the others through the trees and into a field that whispered in the wind. Sarah saw Ethan and Max running through it without a care in the world. Past the field was a marsh area where the oak trees became pine that cast shadows everywhere. It was like stepping into a cave. Finally, once the shadows dimmed, a waterfall was revealed. It created a river that trickled down back into the lake.
            "This place is
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Chapter Four - Camp Claw
            Sarah stood at the end of the hallway staring out at her fellow cat-classmates. "We don't know why we're all felines. We don't know why we were hallucinating last night. We don't know what's going on. But I do know this: we were sent to this camp partly because the school knows we can take care of ourselves. We will figure this out, and we will find a solution. For now, we need to think short-term. None of us have eaten since yesterday evening, and it would appear as if the only being with the capacity to cook, the chef, is out of the building. We need to eat, and quickly. Does anybody have any ideas?"
     "If you want, we can send out people- er, cats- and we can investigate the kitchen for more food," suggested a white tom with black splotches. Sarah guessed it was Nicholas, who was always eager to lead or help out.
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Chapter Three - Camp Claw
     "How long have I been asleep...?"
     "Argh… My head hurts."
     "Is breakfast ready yet?" The voices of several sleepy students awoke Sarah from the deepest sleep she'd ever had. From a number of groans coming from Rosa, who was not an early bird, Sarah guessed that most people were waking up right about now. "Just like how we all fell asleep at roughly the same time," Sarah thought. "We're all so in sync." She blinked a couple times to clear the sleep from her eyes and glanced over at the alarm clock near Rosa's bed. It read 2:00. "What? It's so early!" Sarah never got up at 2. She was the type of person who couldn't usually get up before noon. Plus, she'd felt as if she'd slept for days. Sarah realized she wasn't tucked underneath her blankets, but rather just sleeping on top of them. She stretched, feeling a shiver go down her spine.
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Chapter Two - Camp Claw
            "Hey, Sarah, are you still awake?" Lucy draped herself over the end of her top bunk and squinted at the dark outline of Sarah.
     "Yeah. I feel so sleepy, and yet it's been like 3 hours since we ate and I haven't been able to fall asleep."
     "You're not the only one. I can hear some of the girls talking in the next room over. I wonder who else is still awake?" The girls sat in silence for a few moments.
            "Rosa, could you please turn on that reading lamp for a moment?"
            "Thanks." Sarah threw off some of her bed sheets and stumbled her way over to the bathroom. She turned on the tap and splashed herself a few times, and then looked into the mirror. "W-w-what?" In Sarah's reflection, there
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Chapter One - Camp Claw
     "Are we there yet?" For about the billionth time, Max complained about how long the drive to Camp Claw was taking. Sarah felt pity for the bus driver who had to put up with Max's constant whining.
     "For the last time Max, we only have about 10 minutes to go," the driver explained.
     "But you said that, like, an hour ago!"
     "If you don't sit down this instant, I will stop this bus so fast you go flying out of your seat. Got it?" Max plopped himself back down onto the old leather seat and folded his arms across his chest. Sarah couldn't help but giggle to herself, and she smiled at Max. "You look like a grumpy cat when you do that."
     "What is Max upset about now?" Jack, who had his ear buds plugged in and was tapping his feet to an invisible rhythm, leaned over
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I Didn't Know You Knew How To Drive by Riverfox4120 I Didn't Know You Knew How To Drive :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 1 0 Wheee! by Riverfox4120 Wheee! :iconriverfox4120:Riverfox4120 6 1


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The hiking conditions were perfect - a slight breeze, but not too hot or cold. The wind sprayed water up at all of us, and it was really refreshing!
This is one of the only photos I took during my camping trip that came out half decent...
Everything else is either blurry or photo-bombed by one of my obnoxious friends.


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Heyo! I'm a younger artist who has a terrible habit of comparing my work to others... Here is where I hope to overcome that! I love Pokémon and I'm absolutely obsessed with foxes. I like techno music too. Yup yup.


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